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wildCAT IDOL Audition Info


Auditions are held in the Choir Room in the PAC.  We will make sure you can enter the building, but please be on the look out for signs directing you to the best entrance.



Auditions are on TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, beginning at 2:45 PM.   Sign up for your audition slot here.

You only need to be present for your specific audition time.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes early and be prepared to wait in case we are running late (which we try very hard not to). You should plan to wait in the hallway outside the choir room until it’s your time to audition.  You won’t watch each other audition.

What to Prepare:

Prepare 45 seconds of any school-appropriate song of your choice.  Pick the BEST 45 seconds, that showcases your individual talents as a singer/performer.  

You can bring a background track on your phone to play via Bluetooth, or you can search up a YouTube karaoke track on our computer.  If you or a friend are accompanying yourself, we have a piano you can use.  

If you need a drumset, bass or guitar amp, or other equipment, please email us ASAP to confirm. 


Who Will Be There:

Mrs. Isaacs, Ms. Woodbury, a choir leadership student, and another MSHS Faculty member will be in the room.  We will each be filling out a scoring rubric on the computer while you audition, and then we combine our scores after the final audition to determine the Top 20 Acts.

If I Make the Top 20, What Song Should I Sing for Round 1?

We ask that students sing the same song for Round 1 that they perform in their audition.  If you have an extenuating circumstance and would like to switch songs, you will need to get permission from Ms. Woodbury. You will have up to one minute of performance time in Round 1.

What if I don’t make the Top 20?  Does that mean I am not a good singer?

Not at ALL!  There are all sorts of reasons why one act may or may not make the Top 20 in any given year, and we encourage you to come back the next year and try again!  Mrs. Isaacs and Ms. Woodbury have plenty of personal stories about when they themselves got cut from a performance or didn’t do well in an audition… and they are happily employed as professional musicians.  Sometimes things just shake out a certain way. What matters most is that you invest in something you love doing, and that you are awesome for putting yourself out there and auditioning!


I have more questions, help!

Just email Ms. Woodbury with any additional questions you might have! 


Important Dates:


If you audition, you MUST be available on January 18th (rehearsal), January 19th (Round 1), and February 9th (Round 2)!

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