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About the Mount Si Choir Program

We are proud of the thriving musical community here at Mount Si High School! Between instrumental, choral, and music elective course offerings, around 500 students are involved in music each year at MSHS - that's around 25% of the entire student body.

​Our choir program consists of five primary ensembles and three jazz ensembles. There is a place for every student who loves to sing in our program, regardless of experience or skill level.


​We believe in music education as a powerful vehicle for emotional expression, community building, the development of grit and perseverance, and overall FUN!  Making beautiful music together to the best of our abilities is something our students both take seriously and enjoy greatly.

In each choir, we work on vocal technique, sight-singing, ear training, musicianship skills, and performance practice. Students are exposed to music from many historical periods and world cultures, and have the chance to sing in many languages and styles.

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