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congratulations to lodie chong the 2024 wildcat idol winner!

Photo Courtesy of Dennis Pearce Photography

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See them before they're stars!
Wildcat Idol is a VOICE Booster fundraiser. Join us in-person or online to help crown the new Wildcat Idol 2024!

If you can't be with us, please consider making a donation here.

Pre-purchase your your round 2/3 tickets and skip the line!  Of course, you can always buy an in-person ticket at the door.
Purchase In Person Ticket
Purchase Livestream Ticket


The livestream cannot be viewed directly from this website.  You'll need to follow the link provided in your Ticket Leap account or purchase confirmation email.  You can access Ticket Leap from the button below.

In order to vote you'll return to this webpage and follow the voting directions for People's Choice and Voting to Advance. 

You can reach the Ticket Leap site from the button below.


Livestream Ticket
Ticket Leap Login

round 3 finalists
Lodie Chong
Keely Lanman
Never Grow Up
Eliana Green
I Have Nothing

people's choice

The People's Choice award was a Round 1 only donation based event.  The performer who generated the most donations won!

Congratulations to Curtis Fretwell the 2024 Wildcat Idol People's Choice winner!

Voting Closed

how to vote

During Round 3 you're voting for the winner.  You'll need the code from your livestream ticket or the raffle ticket you received at the door for the live show, in order to vote.

The button below will send you to a Google form where you can select the singer(s) you want to advance and cast the number of votes allowed for that round.

You can vote for the same singer more than once or spread your votes around and share the love! 

Vote to Advance
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