Jazz Choir Auditions

Returning singers must re-audition each year.

No audition is required for Jazz III if you do not wish to be considered for La Voix or Noteworhty

The Mount Si Vocal Jazz program has a full calendar of projects and events scheduled for the 2021-2022 School Year. Singers can look forward to the following opportunities:

  • Performances in the PAC with rhythm section

  • Workshops on jazz standards and coachings on solo jazz vocal technique 

  • Off-campus festivals and tours (depending on COVID restrictions)



By Audition Only

Noteworthy is an auditioned, highly select group of singers who are serious about jazz! Noteworthy meets 5 days a week during 0 period


La Voix

By Audition Only

La Voix is an auditioned, highly select group of singers who are serious about jazz! La Voix meets 3-4 days a week during 0 period


Vocal Jazz Workshop

Open to all; semester or year-long

Vocal Jazz Workshop meets 2 days a week during 0 period and is a perfect place to explore the fundamentals of jazz and solo vocal techniques!

The Audition Process

August 31 & September 1

Optional Info Sessions

Both directors will be available in the choir room at 6:40am (0 period) on August 31st and September 1st to answer questions about the jazz choirs and the audition process. 

September 2  & September 3
Individual Standards

Each singer who signs up to audition will receive an assigned 10 minute audition slot on either September 2 OR September 3 during the 0 period time frame (6:40 - 7:35 AM)

During their assigned time, students will perform a jazz standard that they have selected and prepared. If possible, students should use a background track (YouTube is fine; please contact the directors if you need assistance finding a track in the right key/tempo).

Students may also sing a cappella if they choose.

If you need help choosing a standard or finding a backing track, contact Mrs. Isaacs or Ms. Woodbury and they can help you!

September 7 & September 8:
"Director's Choice" Standard & Prepared Harmony

Every singer auditioning will prepare the jazz standard "There Will Never Be Another You" for this phase of the auditions.  All students will be called from 6:40 - 7:35 both of these days, and students will perform the standard for each other.

Additionally, students will perform their part of an excerpt of a jazz standard arranged for SAB choir. Each student will need to prepare their part on their own, using practice tracks we will provide.  Then, students will need to record themselves singing their harmony part along with a recording of the soprano part.


We will be listening to see if you can accurately hold your part against a melody.

Sheet music and rehearsal tracks for the excerpt will be released on September 3.

There Will Never Be Another You Resources

Please note, there is one pickup note before the accompaniment track begins.

The MSHS Jazz Choirs are full of supportive and kind musicians!  Singing in front of each other might seem intimidating, but rest assured that everyone is in the same boat and is cheering for each other to shine!

September 9:
Scat Day!

We will scat together and individually, as well as wrap up any additional prepared harmony singing from the days before.

September 10:
First Day of Jazz!

We will release lists in the evening of September 9th, and have our first rehearsals for Noteworthy and La Voix during 0 period on September 10th.  Vocal Jazz Workshop will begin the week of September 13.