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We know that nothing can replace singing together in the same room. As soon as it is safe to sing, socially distanced, outside, with masks - we will.

Until then, remote choir will challenge students to grow as vocal musicians, provide opportunities to explore your unique artistic voice, and create meaningful experiences and relationshis.


We want to help answer your questions and work together to make the remote and hybrid choir experience valuable and enjoyable for every student.

Church Choir

What Will Choir Be Like This Year?

Movie Theatre

Including our Fall Concerts!

Virtual Choir

Each choir will work together to learn and perform one virtual choir piece, including multi-media features that students will select and collaborate on.

Composing Music
Music Equipments

Direct Your Own Learning

Artistic Pathways

Throughout the course of the first semester, every student will have the opportunity to choose their own artistic project or performance to develop skills in an area of personal interest

Composing Music
Composing Music

Grow as a musician

Skill Building

Each choir will work on musicianship skills, vocal technique, sight-reading, and music theory at a pace appropriate to each student's level and musical background.

Composing Music
Choir Performing

Friendship & Connection


Just like always, choir will be a place to form meaningful friendships and make lasting memories.

Composing Music

Upcoming Choir Events!

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